Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why the McNabb deal is good -- the Skins do care about this year

Differing with Wise's assessment in the post. This trade is good.  It looked  for a while like the new regime was only building toward the future, several years out, with the way they were cutting players and not signing new ones.  But now we see they do care about next season.  Maybe they won't go all the way.  That's pretty damn difficult for even the best teams to do.  But at least now they're working on giving themselves a fighting chance.  And unlike in previous years, we're not spending outrageous money to do so on questionable talent. I always liked Campbell but his throwing style was too slow to be consistent on short passes with a patchwork offensive line and he's been inconsistent with the long ball as well.  McNabb has been great despite terrible protection, and he's never lost his guts or motivation. As a fan, it would be nice to see the Skins at least try to win for the next three years while we rebuild.  My only concern right now is that they build that O-line with young talent through the draft and elsewhere, and quick..

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