Monday, November 14, 2011

5 year plan

The success of Rogers and Carter this week is finally making the obvious clear to so many deluded fans. The Skins are on a 5-year plan. They have to be, because when Shanahan came on he decided to remake the defense in addition to building an offense. He inherited a perfectly fine defense, lower top 10, and blew it up. So instead of needing only to focus on repopulating nearly every offensive position, he set him self up for rebuilding the entire team, nearly every position. What could have been a three year ramp toward competitiveness and respectability, because of that decision, could now take half a decade or more. And who knows whether it will work out in the end. For that, you have to blame him. And Snyder, for buying in.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Name for the Post Blog

 The Washington Post was pressured to drop the "Redskins" from it's Redskins Insider blog.

It's now called, the Insider, but they should rename the post the "Landover Losers Insider." Landover Losers is a better name for this franchise, which resembles the former, storied Washington-based one only in the name, colors and controversial logo. They should put Snyder's face on the helmet, with a big cigar coming out of his mouth.